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Our Work

BOW’s purpose is to promote the enjoyment and betterment of the sport of bowhunting. To do this, BOW advocates on behalf of bowhunters to the State Legislature and Game and Fish Department. BOW also promotes bowhunter education. Finally, BOW funds education and conservation projects across the state of Wyoming. 


Working with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, BOW has promoted 1) longer seasons (15 to 30 days in most areas, where it was originally 10 days), 2) some archery only licenses, which allows you to hunt longer, and 3) adjusted season dates so that all species don’t have to be hunted in the same time frame.


BOW provided the initial funding and support to bring the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) to Wyoming. Additionally, BOW maintains a regular presence at events like the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend and Outdoor Expo, where we provide hands-on teaching and mentorship for children and adults experiencing their first time shooting a bow. Lastly, BOW helps to educate elected officials on topics related to bowhunting and conservation so that they can make informed policy decisions.


BOW works closely with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to manage conservation efforts in the state. We assist with wildlife studies, habitat improvement, and more. BOW members have also volunteered to maintain six Adopt-A-Highway program areas across the state, where volunteer gather to clean trash off Wyoming's roadways. Throughout it's history, BOW has donated over $213,000 for wildlife conservation projects in Wyoming.

Project Donations

During the past several years BOW has donated money to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, University of Wyoming, and other like organizations for different projects including windmill repair, spring developments, whitetail poaching decoy, goose nesting structures, pitting of elk pastures, habitat burning, and more. 

Since 1989, BOW has donated over $213,000 for conservation efforts.

Since 1996, BOW has donated over $61,000 for education.

Since 1997, BOW has donated over $39,000 for enforcement.

Since 2005, BOW has donated over $32,000 for access.

Additionally, BOW dedicates 100% of the proceeds from our annual Wyoming Commissioner's License raffle to projects in Wyoming.

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