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BOW members receive a number of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Quarterly magazines full of tips, tactics, recipes, and hunting stories from our members.
  • Email updates on archery events, bowhunting topics, and anything else important to our members.
  • Opportunities to volunteer with and support like non-profits, such as Hunting with Heroes and the Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt.
  • And more!


BOW memberships are available for individuals, families, or affiliate clubs. All membership levels receive the benefits listed above. In addition, affiliate clubs receive one free 1/2 page advertisement in the quarterly magazine each year.


Membership shall be granted to a bowhunter who:

  • Has satisfactorily completed and submitted a membership application, along with the membership fee, to Bowhunters of Wyoming.
  • Follows, in the strictest sense, the Bowhunters Code of Ethics and is of good moral character.
  • Follows the Rules of Fair Chase, knows and respects the animals hunted, and follows the laws and behaves in a way that brings no discredit upon himself/herself or this organization.
  • Hunts with only a bow that is hand held and hand drawn during the archery season.

Bowhunters of Wyoming

An organization for bowhunters, by bowhunters.

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